Deposit: RM 1200
PO Price: RM 5996
Retail Price: RM 6896
Size / Scale: Other Scale Statue, approximately 64 inches tall [H:161cm W:121.5cm D:54cm]
PO deadline: March 22nd 2021
Arrival date: Q3 2022


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PRODUCT TYPE Other Scale Statue
BRAND Evangelion
SPECIFICATION -Statue Material: Polystone & Other Materials
- Statue Size approx. 64 inches tall [H:161cm W:121.5cm D:54cm]
- Statue Weight: Regular Version: 68lbs (30.8kg)

“Mankind’s greatest fear is Mankind itself.” – Gendo Ikari

Prime 1 Studio is proud to present the latest addition to the Ultimate Diorama Masterline Series: the non-scale UDMEVA-04: Evangelion 13 from the Rebuild of Evangelion.

Evangelion 13 first appears in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. Similar in appearance to EVA-01, EVA-13 is unique among EVAs with its double Entry Plug, which allows Shinji Ikari and Kaworu Nagisa to pilot in tandem. In Evangelion: 3.0, Shinji and Kaworu invade Central Dogma to remove the Spear of Longinus and the Spear of Cassius from Lilith, in a desperate bid to undo the effects of Third Impact.

Things do not go as planned: Evangelion 13 has awakened! Two extra arms have burst forth from its chest casing, and instead of two different spears, its other two arms clutch duplicate Spears of Longinus. As it transforms, EVA-13 rises into the putrid air of Central Dogma as liquified Core material swirls around it. This Evangelion is ready to bring about Fourth Impact!

Prime 1 Studio presents Evangelion 13 in its AWAKENED FORM! EVA-13 has been captured in its pivotal moment at the climax of Evangelion: 3.0. At a towering 64 inches, EVA-13’s intricate details have been painstakingly reproduced; among these, its deep purple metallic armor, double eyes, and ceratopsid helmet. Both Spears of Longinus gleam in metallic blood-red paint. EVA-13 appears to float in thin air through the masterful sculpting and engineering of Prime 1 Studio: As its base, liquified Core material has been recreated with original color resin, swirling around EVA-13 to emphasize its dynamic ascension.

This statue truly recreates a moment to behold! A must-have for Evangelion fans everywhere!

・One (1) designed themed base which reflects the putrid air of Central Dogma

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