[Pre-Order] Figurama Collectors - SEVEN DEADLY SINS: BAN VS KING STATUE


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Company: Figurama Collectors
Size / Scale: 1/6 scale, H54.5 x W40 x D35 CM
Arrival date: Q3 2021

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The Seven Deadly Sins were once revered as the most powerful paladin in the Lion Kingdom, but they were accused of inciting rebellion and murdering the great paladin Zaratras. They were branded as traitors and scattered in Great Britain to avoid being captured. However, ten years later, when the remaining Paladins launched a coup and the truth about the incident was revealed, the seven sins must unite to save the kingdom they once served.

The fairy tale "king" Harley Quinn (the grizzly's laziness crime) accuses Ban (the fox's greedy sin) of destroying his homeland and murdering his sister Elaine, the guardian of the fountain of youth. Jin is unknown. When a demon attacked the fairy forest and fatally injured Elaine, she gave the magical water of the fountain to his lover Pan, giving him immortality and the power to stop the demon. Ten years after the Seven Sins were hidden, Ban and the King crossed the path, releasing the tension of revenge in the vicious confrontation between the undead thief and the ruler of the fairy forest.

The statue of Ban and the King Elite is the world's first seven sins multi-stone statue depicting two characters in battle. The four portraits conveyed the emotional intensity of the battle. The king showed vengeful anger or cold indifference towards Paine. When he licked the blood of his canine teeth, Paine returned to an expression of arrogance or danger. The bust stands as a symbol of the sin of greed of the fox and the sin of laziness of the grizzly, so that the alternate portrait can be attractively displayed next to the subject.

Stimulated by revenge, the fairy "King" harlequin hovered lightly in the air, pushing his elite spear Chastifil straight through Ban's chest. Huge wounds and gleaming blood cannot stop the Undead Prohibition. The Undead Prohibition uses his left hand to bend his left hand to snatch gold to seize the power of the king, or to retaliate by swinging an interchangeable three-section stick.

Under their feet, the Holy Grail of the Fountain of Youth was copied, representing the basis of their fatal conflict. The immortal liquid illuminates the battle above through gorgeous LEDs, highlighting the British medieval aesthetics. Intricate glass shards, variegated brick walls, spreading vines, woven textiles, shattered wood and creepy rubble show the Gothic architectural style of anime in this chaotic battle. References hidden around the statue can produce a 360-degree viewing experience, including two tattered wanted posters and Chastiefol's plush Guardian form. Two key Easter eggs added emotional weight to the scene: the helmet was gifted to King by the dead friend Helbram, and the Almoca Seed that Elaine commissioned Ban to use.

Limited to 777 pieces worldwide (representing the seventh place in the anime name), each 1/6 scale statue contains exclusive art prints and a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. Shanab, CEO of Figurama Collectors and 3D artist Carlos Cruz.

Version size: 777

Series: Elite Doujin Statue

Release Date: Third quarter of 2021

Size: 1/6 scale (H54.5 x W40 x D35 CM / H21.5 x W15.7 x D13.8)

Authenticity certificate: signed by Mr. Shanab, CEO of Figurama Collectors, and Carlos Cruz, 3D artist.

Including: two portraits of the king, two portraits of Ban, two left arms of Ban, two busts, exclusive artwork printing.

material: Stone, PVC, LED

Creative Director: Shanab / Figurama Collector Development Team

Concept Artist: Daniel Kamarudin

3D artist/sculptor: Carlos Cruz ( Carlos Cruz)

Coloring Artist: Three Eyes Studio