[Pre Order] Gantaku - The Balance of Nine Skies - Nie Long


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Company: Gantaku
Size / Scale: 1/6 scale, 30cm Height
PO deadline: Sep 30th 2018
Arrival date: Q4 2018


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Production Information
Name:The Balance of Nine Skies :Nie Long
Manufacturer: GANTAKU
The Balance of Nine Skies :Nie Long
Production Presentation

Nie Long was the prince of a huge country named “Yan”. He got married with Dark Fox who was also a royalty from Yan, so they became the ruler of the country. It should be a good thing when the prince was married……Unfortunately, both of them was not a good ruler.

Nie Long was extremely cruel and atrocious. He was a lord of war. His recently-bloodstained blade showed how bloodthirsty he was. And to remind his people they belong to him, he always wore armors with sharp blades while bringing the weapon with him. Soon the great country “Yan” was led to destruction under the inhuman rule of Nie Long and Dark Fox.

Wanted to be stronger, Nie Long signed a contract with the Evil Dragon. He did get the power of the Evil dragon, but his mind was corrupted by its dark force as well.
The deal also made Nie Long desires blood and power more than ever.

The Evil Dragon was surrounded by infernal flame. The flame can scorch all his enemies, but affects him too. However, Nie Long was calm with the situation. He actually enjoyed the pain of burning, because it can strengthen him and weaken his enemies at the same time.

Nie Long slays whoever stands in his way without hesitation. Even the outrageous demon was defeated; it could do nothing but struggle in front of him. With all that power, he is simply unstoppable. Searching for ultimate power, he walks on the path of curse and death, till today.