Jurassic Park Diorama by Iron Studios a trip down of memory lane

Jurassic Park Diorama by Iron Studios a trip down of memory lane

The Jurassic Park Diorama From Iron Studios

If you are a fan of Jurassic Park series, then you must know that Jurassic World which is the fourth installment of this series is showing in theater. There is a renewed sense of excitement as fans can’t wait to see some of their favorite dinosaurs on the big screen.


Iron Studios - T-Rex Attack BDS Art Scale 1-10 - Jurassic Park (SET A+B) (14)

As keen interest is being placed on the release of the Jurassic World, Fans can take a trip down memory lane by seeing the Jurassic Park diorama based off of some of the movie’s most iconic scene.  The diorama show depicts the details of T-Rex Escaping.

Similar to the picture above where we see the T-Rex in the Park after the electricity has been shut down. And the electric car of Tim and Alex been grounded to a halt on the opposite side of the now ineffective electric fence with the rain pouring down. Am sure the diorama will bring a sense of nostalgia with this scene. (Note that the Jungle Explorer 04 has a light up feature too )


As part of the Jurassic Park diorama series, we also get to peek at the realistically scaled statue of Dr Ian and Alan do their best to prevent a kid from falling prey to the tyrannosaurus rex.




This picture that taken in TAGCC will give you an idea the actual size of the diorama


Some of the pictures that was taken during the Malaysia TAGCC show



Below is a description of the diorama

Licence: Jurassic Park

Scale: 1/10 Art Scale


  • Hand-painted
  • Made in Polystone
  • Movie Reference Scenes
  • Effects of rain can be seen on the statues
  • Limited Edition TBD
  • Environment back base of fences, wire rope, plants, and broken glass
  • Cars with LED lights turn on
  • CD-Rom LED light switch on inside the car.
  • Puddles with a realistic feel on the base
  • Figures of the T-Rex, Tim, Alex, Alan Grant and Dr Ian Malcolm
  • Guides, maps, and folders from the park.
  • Jungle Explored 04 (damaged) and the 05 with the open right front door.
  • Artworks and exclusive cards from the 90’s iconic card collection.



You can order your diorama in two sets from HERE

  1. With back base Environment having a dimension of 22.4 in/57cm (H) × 63in/160cm (W) × 29.5in/75cm (D). and;
  2. Without back base Environment having a dimension of 20.4 in/52cm (H) × 63in/160cm (W) × 20.8in/53cm (D)

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